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Samsung Galaxy S5 Bursts into Flames in Canada

The Galaxy Note7 might be dead and buried, but its legacy continues to live on. How so, you might be wondering?

It seems a man in Toronto has recently had to deal with an incident involving his Galaxy S5 smartphone which caught on fire during the night. Mario Jakab went to bed one evening only to be awakened by the heat emanated by the phone and firework-like sounds.

According to the CBC, Jakab alerted Samsung of the situation and one of the company’s engineers already retrieved the phone. When asked, he claimed the battery and charging cables were all original. He also mentioned he purchased the phone back in 2014.

At this time, it’s unclear whether Samsung will reimburse Jakab for the burning phone or not, but the company has launched an investigation into what caused the incident.

Speaking on which, next week Samsung is due to announce the official results of its investigation into what made the Galaxy Note7 batteries explode.

We haven’t heard any overheating Galaxy S5 so far, although the current report does claim a lawsuit filed in the US claims the Galaxy Note7 specific issue does extend to other Galaxy models.

Hopefully, the unfortunate events experienced by Jakab won’t be replicated anytime soon. The Canadian said he shared his story so that people know how to protect themselves.


  • grey

    That’s not the original S5 charging cable… it came with a USB 3.0 Micro-B cable.

    • G-Money41

      Good catch. It’s also worth nothing that just because the battery says “Samsung” doesn’t mean it’s not a counterfeit purchased from eBay.

      • grey

        They’re really sketchy on Amazon too (though “resellers”). I grabbed an Anker one to give my S5 a second wind. $14, highly-regarded third-party brand.

  • Philip Albritton

    I know a lot of people have a slew of apps running at the same time. If he left the phone on while charging with all the extra unnecessary apps running in the background it will cause the S5 to overheat. You can download a battery cooling app which will notify you of overheating and you can fix the problem.