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Samsung eyeing up the webOS

…do they have the webos to do it?  [webos is spanish for balls… see what I did there?]

According to Forbes Magazine Samsung has been eyeing up the nearly defunct smartphone OS [it pained me to say that, as I loved Palm] as a way to separate itself from the herd.  Perhaps the Motorola purchase by Google has it a bit scared and needed a way to be able to make phones with an innovative OS ‘just in case’.

Clearly as an ex palm lover, I would just enjoy seeing the OS live on in some form or another.  I think it’d be quite swell to see a galaxy tab dual boot. How about you?

This would be a great way for HP to make up for their fire sale on the tablets recently [and hopefully my sources are correct that a retailer might be getting some more soon — have a lead on one for me, let me know!!].

My secret hope is that Google gobbles up the OS before Samsung does and rolls Android and webOS into something AWESOME.


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  • Cass Morrison

    I really liked Palm and would love to see Samsung develop it but how will they get the developers to include WebOS for core apps? Do you envision Samsung rolling it in with Bada. 

    • please don’t mention bada
      never used it myself – but just sounds worse than nokia’s symbian… bleh

      I just think alot of how it worked, especially the multitasking could be incorporated in some way into Android… however Samsung would want it for their own. So I think it would stand-alone as a webOS phone — or something in their hardware maybe [webOS tv?]

      I think with a major hardware player like samsung they could really lure more people back to webOS development and churn out some great hardware (people are salivating over a lot of the samsung androids lately)

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