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Samsung Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit in the US


Samsung’s Galaxy Note7-related streak of bad luck continues on. After having to issue not one but two recalls for its premium phablet and eventually killing it off altogether, Samsung is now facing a proposed class action lawsuit in the US.

According to federal court documents in Newark, New Jersey, the lawsuit has been filed by law firm McCuneWright representing three ex-Galaxy Note7 owners: John Waudby, Robert Spuntak and Mohamad Ibrahim, reports Motherboard.

As it turns out, the lawsuit, which is still waiting to be approved by a judge, isn’t about the phone causing damage of physical injury. Instead the three plaintiffs accuse Samsung of mishandling the whole recall situation and leaving them without a phone for several weeks, while they still had to pay for the device and plan fees.

Samsung originally instructed users of the Note7 to stop using their phones over fire hazards concerts on September 9. But it wasn’t until September 21 that the Korean tech giant started issuing replacement phones. Which we all know now, came fostering issues of their own.

It’s only the beginning for Samsung, as the lawsuit creates a precedent and many other angry ex-Note7 users might join the witch hunt against the Korean company. Samsung is striving to maintain itself afloat, while handling the aftermath of the Galaxy Note7 disaster as best as it can. But its reputation already took an enormous blow, so things are looking grim for the smartphone titan.