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Samsung Canada Still Promising ICS Updates for Galaxy Devices

Since Samsung made promises to release ICS updates, in Marc… Apr.. I mean May, they keep getting delayed month by month by month while obviously results in some understandable frustration from the eagerly waiting adoptees. Samsung Canada via their FaceBook page announced the following statement.

We wanted to give all of our passionate fans an update on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). We’ve gotten lots of inquiries about what devices will be eligible, and when updates will become available. While we don’t have specific dates to share yet, we can tell you that the following GALAXY devices will be receiving the update: GALAXY S II, GALAXY S II LTE, GALAXY S II LTE HD, GALAXY S II X, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Tab 7.0, GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, GALAXY Tab 8.9, and GALAXY Tab 10.1. Roll-outs of Ice Cream Sandwich for those GALAXY devices will be happening over the coming weeks and months so keep watching this space for the most up-to-date ICS news. Thank you all for your patience, passion, and loyalty!

So once again, we’re stuck with the “In the coming weeks” that we’ve been hearing since March. I know some of the feedback I’ve goten from a few of our readers on Google+, they’re starting to lose hope and frankly just don’t care anymore. Sad to say, I don’t blame them.

Clearly we want Samsung to release solid builds without rushing them just to stick users with a glitchy and error filled experience, but at the same time I feel Samsung has kinda dropped the ball at the same time. Everyone stands in a different location with a different point of view.

If you follow me on Google+, you might have seen that I tried one of the officially release ICS builds for the International Galaxy Note N7000. I was really happy to finally get my hands on a solid release, but sadly enough it turns out it wasn’t so solid after all. After numerous stalls and slow operational experiences, it lead me back to Gingerbread roms. Clearly more time is still needed.

All in all, I still remain hopeful, but it’s going to be a little while longer still. I’ve said this earlier, It seems like an early summer release looks more plausible. Give them room to delay it further.

What do you think about all these delays?

Do you think they should hold back and release one that’s fine tuned at the cost of bumping dates over and over, or stick to their promises and release on time, but with minor glitchy builds that will require updates later on down the road. Let us know where you stand on this issue in the comments below.

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  • Cass Morrison

    I don’t think the update will make much difference to the casual user. Hardcore will root and ROM. 

    • You got something there. When I used the ICS build, it wasn’t much different from the gingerbread roms I was using earlier.

      Sent from my Android.

  • flabeo

    I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and came from an iPad 1st gen and modified HP TouchPad which I gave away to a friend who is battling some health issues. Getting used to ICS via CM9 on the TouchPad was pretty nice minus a few issue. The day after I gave it away my free Galaxy Tab showed up from Telus.. It felt like a downgrade from the 2yr old iPad and TouchPad.. I figured they must be an update to it, but nope. So now I wait as many of you do, and as a previous open minded Apple fan I have to say I’m not exactly blow away by my attempt to switch to Android. I’ll keep my Galaxy tablet because it’s free. But I’m afraid based on my experience so far I’ll probably be looking at an iPad in the future. I don’t care what side of the flame war I’m on.. I just want a decent product and ICS could make a world of difference.. If they would just let me have it before the next version of Android is out.

    • Good for you!
      I don’t believe in these brand vs brand wars. Clearly I love Android, but it all comes down to what suits you better, but what team you play for.
      Sent from my Android.

  • Rlwalberg

    I’d much rather have a solid build than a quick one… But it is surprising that it would take so long. I do keep checking, though.
    I have an unlocked N7000 on Rogers. Does the update come from them or Samsung? Who’s server is it checking when you click the check for updates button.?

    • I manually installed my update from Samfirmwarms and XDA. The updates come straight from Samsung, and when you setup your update feature within your phone, you have to select what country you’re from, this will determine if you get it or not.

      Being you and I both have the International N7000 model which is not available in Canada, I’m not sure if we will be presented with an OTA update as the phone is not available for our country. I may be wrong on that aslect, but that’s how I understand it anyways.

      Sent from my Android.

  • thepeddle

    I have the SGH I717M Note from Bell and I’m dying for the ICS update, but I don’t want a “glitchy” version, I want the the most fine tuned one available. But it comes back to the fact that ICS has been released for over 6 months now and the first phone to get it was the Nexus which is a Samsung phone. I think Samsung has been focusing on newer phones such as the GS3 and not spending near enough time on getting current flagships updated ie The Note. That being said gingerbread on my note works perfectly fine and smooth for me and with the heavy touchwiz overlay ICS might not make that much difference. But like most other people I would just lover my phone to be actually Up to Date…….

  • Itsdavef

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and an original galaxy s. And its a disappointing experience other android tablets have their icecream and my other device won’t, which I’m somewhat greatful for cause my cyogenic ics on my phone is better than what Samsung would of done anyways. But I fine my tab glitchy and hoping ics will fix it cause I love it on my phone.

  • Disappointed that the ICS update to my SGH I717M from Bell is taking so long simply because I was told that I would be able to upgrade from day one…

    Every sales rep that I spoke to said that I could simply update it once it was purchased (“just plug it into your computer and it will put 4.0 on it”), which I skeptical of but never so much that I thought they were completely misinformed/misinforming; to boot, all of Bell’s sales literature, the product specs on their site, state that it’s “upgradeable to Android 4.0”.

    (Mind you, Bell also reneged on their offer for a free accessory when I made the purchase because their staff weren’t trained to redeem it… and then set me up with the wrong kind of SIM card…)It’s now become an issue of principal, to me, and less of an obsession to have the few extra features and advantages of ICS and the premium suite of Apps for the Note. If I don’t see them pushing it out on the horizon (OTA?), I may load my own ROM of it (but not at the risk of buggering up my much-needed device, the warrantee, etc).

  • Northfox83

    Would not recommend ICS update for Bell SGSII.

    Poorer battery life and wifi issues.  No real upside.

    • Arrow

      opposite for me, both battery life
      and Wi-Fi reception improved on my
      Bell S2

  • greenlink23

    i got tired of waiting on Motorola to release the ICS update for Canadian Xooms (also got tired of them ignoring us) so i installed the US ROM and couldn’t be happier. it’s quicker now, feels snappier, and more stable. just an overall better experience. i just don’t understand how they haven’t pushed this out to xooms outside the US.

    btw international Xooms do NOT have a vanilla build of android, like the GED US Xooms, they may not have the moto blur skin but they do have moto blur apps and services which ruins the android experience.
    skins and modifications by these companies hinder and ruin the android experience. 

  • Philip

    Somebody explain to me please why it takes so long to release the newest versions of ICS on the Canadian versions of the Galaxy Nexus? It’s not like they need time to screw with it and add their crap UI on it. Just get it from google and pass it to us! Simple! But here I sit with 4.0.1 on my GNex.

    • Toothpick82

      Because when it comes to cell phones etc…Canada is always last in that respect, its always been like that, Canada always gets things last.

      • denny

        That’s because those major Canadian telecom companies always confer on how to rip off Canadians before they release new stuff. 😉

      • europe

        Canada is so so slow on the market, when something comes out here it is already old news around the world lol

    • Probably waiting for PQ bs compliance? If so, I wish Samsung would admit it. As this is damaging the Samsung name on the rest of us.

  • Seems the Samsung Infuse is either forgotten or abandoned from future updates..

  • Abc123

    It’s crap like this that is making me leave Android.  I’ve been frustrated by Android updates ever since the Moto Milestone 2.2 update was promised and took a year to get.  I remember reading about 6 months ago that Google was going to make 4.0 a better update experience, so much for that!

  • Spursvictoriamark

    i gotta say i have ICS on my bell galaxy s2.  i love the upgrade but i have noticed that some programs have crashed more and i’ve had to do a few reboots  from the OS seizing up.  I still like the ICS but do agree it’s better to wait until the most stable version.

  • andrzewi

    Wow, I totally forgot and ignore IT. 
    Who cares? 
    Samsung and Rogers… two worth each other!!!

  • TeeStar

    My original Transformer was updated to ICS almost two months ago. This wait by Samsung is unacceptable and will be my last with Samsung. 

  • I am still eagerly awaiting the ICS update for the Galaxy Note and check a couple of times each day. I have come very close to installing some of the ROMs that are floating around but keep reading things like the pen gets disabled or the camera ceases to function so will wait for the official release. My understanding was that Samsung had sent the update to Rogers but that they are still adding the Rogers’ bloat ware, none of which I use, to their final ROM package before they roll it out.

  • Samsung needs to walk away from TouchWiz.  Just by having some of the best Android hardware and then keeping it up to date will be sufficient product differentiation to dominate smart phones and tablets.  Love my Galaxy Nexus… meh on my Tab 10.1, should have bought the Sony.

    • I agree. Or have Samsung release touchwiz as well as more pure Google devices is Google will agree to those terms.

      Sent from my Android.

  • Almar

    I went from an IPhon4 to the International version of Note i really like the phone but from what i’m reading i guess i shouldn’t expect too much in support, so as much as i despise Apple i wonder if i made the right choice. Needles to say i have a large circle of family friends and clients that ask me about this and honestly i will not be one of the best for a referral, just too many promises or insinuations that never come. Too bad it could be no 1 on the market.
    Russell On Canada

    • Yeah the international version really has no support in Canada as it’s not available in Canada. Your primary option would probably use Odin to manually flash your own updates. Not the most desirable method, but it’s what we have to do when buying off Canada market devices.

      I still prefer this over iPhone any day. And I use to he a huge iPhone fan boy lol.

      Sent from my Android.

  • Larry Widdifield

    Much rather wait for a clean release then be a beta tester.

    • Your using a Google phone, you’re always a beta tester lol

  • Nait Car

    Hmm… June 11 and still nine for gs2lte yet… gunna go back to my old iPhone if this is how they work…

  • guest

    its super sweet how ICS is not available for my phone and google is rolling out a new IOS next week…super

  • tooker

    Any word on ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G?

    • I heard a rumour that the Galaxy Infuse may not get ICS.
      A lot of pissed off people. Again this is only words i’ve read on the net.

      • tooker

        That really sucks Tom!!! Include me in the list of pissed off people…lol…such a great phone and no support….GRRRRR!!!

  • Cris

    Why no update for the s2 infuse? Are we no good?

    • Sadly It’s not a Galaxy S2 infuse, It’s just galaxy S. I’m not nit picking on the name without a reason though. The infuse is a single core device, where the S2 is a dual core. Many other single core devices such as many HTC models have also been denied ICS updates due to the fact that the performance isn’t as desirable than expected.
      Nothing would suck more then to update so the new ICS with all these great features, but slowing your phone down by 30%. This would open a whole new can of worms and complains aside from the lack of ICS updates.

  • still not out there!!! I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again!!! ASUS all the way!!!

  • geonuine

    No update for Galaxy Nexus to 4.1 Jelly Bean after waiting for months? What is happening here? This is preposterous.