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Samsung Announcing New Android Device On November 8

Samsung has definitely played a big part in making people aware of Android all around the world. The Galaxy S phones have been a huge success across so many different carriers including our Canadian ones. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also looking to be the first Android tablet to really get excited over, though we’re still waiting for that one to hit Canada.

So it definitely gets me excited when I hear they’re dropping a new Android device in about a week from now. Details? We don’t have any. But hey, who doesn’t love good surprises?

If I’m up early enough, I’ll do live commentary via twitter so that’s where you want to be if you’re interested. Otherwise, check the site for all the action!


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  • Bfalcon

    Obviously that new android device is the Nexus S…it’s all over the web…pretty much it’s apaprently going to be a stock android phone with 2.3 (gingerbread looks like it will be known as 2.3), on what seems to be pretty much a galaxy s phone.

    • win7heartsdesire

      That’s the rumor. It’s been denied from Samsung and Google though. There won’t be another Nexus, it’ll get manufacturers pissed off, cause they’d lose customers and market share. Stock Android’s ugly anyway. But please no more friggin bloatware

      • Sdmackie

        If it ain’t stock Android, it’s bloatware!

      • Sdmackie

        If it ain’t stock Android, it’s bloatware!

  • Anonymous

    I just hope it doesn’t look anything like those horrible mock-ups that have been floating around.. I think someone at gizmodo or somewhere threw them together.. anyway it’s basically a Galaxy S Vibrant with a weird curved back. Samsung really needs to improve their industrial design. A phone with such good hardware inside shouldn’t look and feel like a cheap iPhone 3 knockoff toy.