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Rogers To Allow HTC Dream Owners To Upgrade To HTC Magic For Free

Late last week, Rogers went on record and indicated that it had some kind of plan in the works to allow HTC Dream owners to upgrade to the HTC Magic so that Magic owners may take part in the Android OS update that Rogers/HTC decided to finally provide.

If you were not keeping up with the Rogers/customer/HTC drama, I will summarize it here:

What originally happened was both HTC and Rogers had cut support for either device in terms of updates to Android 1.6. Then Rogers/HTC had a change of heart and said that they will update the HTC Magic but not the HTC Dream, claiming hardware limitations.

The new update is said to bring the SenseUI to the HTC Magic but will keep the OS at 1.5. More importantly, the Magic will be receiving Android 2.1! The Dream however, while receiving some kind of update (which was not disclosed what exactly), will stay at 1.5 due to the aforementioned hardware limitations.

So, with that being said, we now have the details of the Rogers plan for HTC Dream owners. I will detail it below:

When can I upgrade my HTC Dream to the HTC Magic?

  • The upgrade offer is available between January 12 2010 and January 26 2010.

Am I eligible to upgrade to the HTC Magic from my HTC Dream?

  • Any Rogers customer who activated or upgraded to a new Rogers HTC Dream through December 31 2009 is eligible for the HTC Magic upgrade. Normally HTC Dream owners would have to wait 24 months to upgrade to another smartphone, but Rogers is changing the policy for a limited time.
  • The upgrade will require a 3-year contract renewal with a voice and data plan effective the date of the upgrade.

I own a HTC Magic. How do I upgrade from the HTC Dream to the HTC Magic?

  • The HTC Magic device upgrade must be done through Customer Care, which may be contacted at 1-888-Rogers1 or by dialing *611 on your Rogers mobile device.
  • Current HTC Dream owners may also use to upgrade (it will be faster over the phone though).
  • The upgrade offer will NOT be honored at retail. In other words, do not go to your local Rogers dealer and expect this to work.

How much will this cost me?

  • The regular upgrade price of $79.00 for the HTC Magic plus the $35 administration fee will both be waived (in other words, it will cost you nothing in terms of dollars).

Other than the unfortunate requirement of having to renew the contract on a 3-year term, the offer is not that bad considering the HTC Magic will be free. Dream owners, are you going to upgrade?

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  • dbag420

    I'm really not sure. Giving up the hardware keyboard for the updates doesn't seem worth it when I could just root my phone. Only thing is, I'm a little worried about rooting, just because the instructions get so watered down once you take into account that it's a Roger's phone, etc etc. Anyone have any nice instructions that take into account that I'm in Canada and on Rogers?

  • ken

    I will NOT NOT NOT upgrade. Now there is Nexus One. Mr Rogers you don't have a friend in the neighbourhood. Remember the answer is blowing in the WIND (Mobile). How can you make such a smart phone so very very very dumb by not supporting it. See yeh!

  • Billy_Android

    It's a free phone!

  • dbag420

    Free? I have to give up my old one therefore I'm GIVING something in order to get something, making it NOT free. PLUS I'll have to re-up my contract with Rogers, so I'm actually PAYING for a phone. A phone that DOES NOT meet my needs (I want a hard keyboard).

  • dbag420

    SoooOOOooo…I just got off the phone with Roger's. And I was wrong. billy, you're right. I apologize. It's a FREE PHONE! Basically, I had to renew my contract (in my case tack 7 more months on) and they're sending me the Magic free of charge. How could I not do that? I'm positively giddy about this! Now I can root my Dream and if I brick it, who cares? This is AWESOME!!!

  • Billy_Android

    I told you!

  • midtoad

    “Free”? – like heck it's free. You get a year-old design, the Magic, running oh-so old Android 1.5, in return for a 3-year jail sentence on Rogers. How exactly is that free? No wonder they invented the word 'freetard'.

    BTW the battery life on the Magic is poor (I have one). Don't try browsing on 3G unless you have a spare battery or an AC adapter handy, or your device won't make it half a day.

    If you own a Dream and are 1 year into a 3-year CONtract, you'll have to sign up again for another year extension to your existing contract. That will cost you a minimum of $600 for that year of service. For less than that you'll be able shortly to buy a brand-new Nexus One and run it with no contract on WIND Mobile. Roger's offer is thus nothing more than an attempt to trick existing Android phone owners into not leaving for better phones and plans with other providers, and lock you down so you have no options for the next THREE years.

  • Frederique

    Just did the upgrade through their website.

    It took all of 5 Minutes to complete.

    You have to be mental to not do this upgrade, the HTC Dream is one of the worst phones I have ever used. It's ugly, it's heavy, it's slow, it's cheaply made, all around terrible experience with it.

    If you're too skeptical to do the upgrade, that's your loss….

    P.S. You don't have to send them your old HTC Dream. You keep it, they send you a Magic in the mail…

  • Claude

    Sure, I will as a matter of fact I already did. You got absolutely nothing to loose, come on they give you a brand new Magic, you can keep your old Dream, they give you a 50$ rebate on your account, they will upgrade it to Android 2.1 all that for a maximum of 6-7 more month to your contract….Well sure you loose the hardware key board that is one of the worst I've ever used. And if ever Wind comes around do you really think Rogers and the others won't adjust by this offer they are saying that they sure will.

  • Pierre-Luc

    If any Rogers rep reads this :

    Will this upgrade prevent me from getting a future update to another Android phone ? Currently apart from slightly more ram this is not a real upgrade in terms of performance. I really *NEED* the physical keyboard, there's no way I can work with touch input (I know, I've tried on my Dream).

  • Billy_Android

    No it won't. If you don't take this offer, your contract continues as
    normal and you will be eligible for another Android device at the 24-
    month mark since your last activation or upgrade.

    The alternative is always buying an Android device contract-free at
    full price.

  • Hi Everyone – This is Mary with Rogers.

    I'll try to address some of your questions.

    –Billy is correct. If you do not take this offer, your contract continues as normal.
    –You do not need to return your current Dream device.
    –Offer does require a 3-year contract renewal but that should amount to no more than a 7month extension for some users as the Dream was only recently released.
    -This is a limited time offer and you will need to do this online or through Care. The information should be preloaded in your account so please ensure the representative is looking in to your file.

    Also, to clarify. We never cut off support for the Android devices but had to push HTC to reconsider making OS upgrades. We are committed to our Android phones and Android customers knew we had to help our customers with this one-time limited-time offer. Thanks to everyone for their patience. I hope you continue to enjoy the Android experience!

    If you have any further questions, you can reach me via Twitter at @RogersMary.


  • Steve

    It seems.. not right to me that a phone that Rogers has only offered for 7 months is now no longer supported. So sure, you are “upgrading” people to the dream but that is an old phone too. Is service for that going to be cut in 2 months time? How can I be sure? Even more crazy is Rogers expects the customer to use their phones for a minimum of 24 months but then they cut service after 7 months. How is that right?

  • EvilGuyWhoEatsBrains

    Great move on Rogers part. Offer up something to “solve” what people are complaining about while keeping them as a subscriber longer.

    Not worth it for me though. I'm paying $140/month for 2 Dreams. I'd have to slap on another 7 months, that means I'll be paying an extra $980 which could buy a really nice unlocked phone (N1, X10, Droid).

    My options are:
    1) Be stuck with Rogers and a phone I don't really care for (I choose the Dream for the physical keyboard) for another 7 months and pay them an additional $980. Let's say I sell my Dream's to some suckers who don't know what's going on for $300 a piece. I'd still be paying Rogers close to an additional $400.

    2) Get a new UNLOCKED phone with the additional money I won't be giving Rogers, switch to a new carrier (WIND) 7 months sooner, not be locked into any contract, won't have to worry about going through THIS again while paying a lot less per month for the service.

  • curious

    Yes, contract renewal sucks, but at the same time Dream owners will now have a phone to experiment without worrying about messing up their primary phone. Meaning they are free to upgrade their OS (i.e. root) on their Dream and potentially have two cool phones. Not a bad deal really.

  • Bill

    Just curious, and this is an off the wall question, but the HTC Magic that we will get is a brand new phone, correct? We aren't going to be getting refurb's are we?

  • Bill

    which is exactly what I plan on doing with my dream! 🙂 And, wit the sim card no longer in there, there is still plenty that you can use the device for – especially with wifi in the house.

  • nostriluu

    Dear Mary,

    It is nice that Rogers is addressing this issue. But with a bit of imagination you could offer Dream users the opportunity to upgrade to a newer generation phone, since the Magic still looks quite poor compared to the current generation devices (in terms of processing ability, battery life, headphone jack, camera quality, screen resolution and sensors).

    Why do Canadian offerings have to be so trailing edge? I am quite sure people would be willing to pay $200 and renew their contracts to get a newer device, even if they had to wait a few months (and renew for a longer period). Effectively, make the upgrade period for the Dream 10 months, and everyone's thrilled (presuming you'll have a newer Android by then – Xpreia X3, Motorola Droid, or Nexus One would all be serious upgrades, and the Droid has a hard keyboard). You would be going from “not totally cretinous” corporate status to “heroically accomodating” corporate status, and I bet this would even look good on your spreadsheet. Why be so inflexible?

  • dbag420

    So…the question is “How do we root the Dream?” There are various forums out there that deal with this, I know. But it's a fairly complex issue and I'm a little nervous. Anyone wanna help?

  • andrzewi

    Hi Bill, I did talk to Rogers one hour ago and the Magic phones are brand new. Mine is on the way.

  • Jay

    I just did the same thing! The extra 7 months doesn't bother me so much. This basically allows me to try and root my Dream with little/no consequence if I do screw it all up as I am pretty much a complete noob when it comes to phone tech!

  • What's so hard ? You need to carefully read the guide that corresponds to your device:

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Will everyone including the author of this post stop saying this is free ? You are committing to extending your contract. HELLO!?

  • Jay

    7 months for an upgraded phone isn't such a bad deal. Plus, I will still have my dream which I can either keep around for kicks or sell it to someone who doesn't really care about having the newest Android release and make money which I wouldn't have had any other way.

    So, to recap:
    I don't have to pay any extra money for an upgraded phone which will be able to update to 2.1
    AND… I could even MAKE money on this deal by selling my phone to someone else!

  • Billy_Android

    Upfront, you are paying nothing. That is why it is considered free.

    The contract renewal is noted in the original post.

  • Yep, I ordered mine today too – my wife is thrilled, she's getting my dream! 🙂

  • Claude

    Sorry I don't want to offense you but where do you get your 980$ for 7 more months, as to break your contract for the 3 years for the two dreams you will only be paying a max charge of 1000.00$ (400$ for voice and 100$ for data = 500$ x 2 = 1000$.) for 7 months it's only 20$/month voice and 5$/month data = 25$ x 2(dream)x 7 = 350$. That is if you absolutely want to get away from Rogers, else after 18 months you can upgrade or buy an unlocked phone and do whatever you want

  • nostriluu

    I don't think two out of date phones are worth one up to date phone, it's a shame Rogers can't optionally offer a shorter renewal period for Dream users to reflect the problem – there's no saying when 2.1 (or later versions) will be available for Magic anyway.

    Unfortunately you can't connect your Dream and Magic together to have an über phone, like an SLI graphics card. Look at the Android landscape worldwide, these aren't current devices. I think Rogers is doing this as a goodwill gesture but at least as much to close out the last generation devices to prepare for any of the newer generation devices, eg ones not using the ARM11 processor that's a full generation behind other current Android, Palm and Apple devices, as well as non-awful image capture, able to easily patch into any sound system, ambient sensors… Magic and Dream were premium devices when they first came out, now they're giveaways. 🙂

  • keithturbo

    Called last night and for some reason the customer care rep couldn't give me the upgrade, hopefully we will be able to settle the issue today. To all the nay sayers out there, this is the best possible outcome. Its easy to ask for more, but I seriously expected Rogers to do nothing and stick it to the consumer.

  • EvilGuyWhoEatsBrains

    I'm paying $140/month for a family plan. 7 months * $140 = $980.

    When I signed up I went with the $90 family plan (which is ending up costing me $140. I was told the service activation fee would be a one time thing… which it isn't) with the intention being that if this plan exceeded my needs (which it does) I could downgrade my plan. But since the $100 plan is the only one available with data now, I'm stuck with my current plan.

  • dbag420

    I phoned Rogers Tuesday at 11pm, and my Magic arrived via UPS Thursday afternoon! I'm pretty stoked, it's a good looking phone. Let the rooting of my Dream begin!!!

  • theeresa

    I'm def updating and using my dream as my developing phone now. So excited! Just after I had written Rogers off too….

  • relvis pretzally

    YES! 2 sick phones n when i get sick of one i can just switch my sim card. NIIIIICE

  • zander

    theres somthing i dont understand you get the free phone only if you bought a htc dream in december or anytime that year???

    • andrzewi

      Anytime, since it is on Rogers market from June. I bought mine in June and am getting Magic soon for free.

  • andrzewi

    Anytime, since it is on Rogers market from June. I bought mine in June and am getting Magic soon for free.

  • andrzewi

    Anytime, since it is on Rogers market from June. I bought mine in June and am getting Magic soon for free.

  • Billy_Android

    As long as you bought an HTC since it came out, you can upgrade to
    Magic for free.

  • achp

    Called Rogers yesterday to get in on the deal, which I think is somewhat fair, however the CSR didn't comply due to a hold on the upgrade offer. The hold reason being both HTC phones have a defect regarding outgoing emergency (911) calls …. total bummer!

  • Winston

    Calling on 24 January, the rep confirmed the legitimacy of the offer, but since they are out of stock of all Magics, this upgrade option is now “on hold” indefinitely. The optimist in me would like to believe there will be something newer than the Magic eventually offered; the pessimist (realist?) in me suggests that everyone who already got the free Magics should be happy and the rest of us are left out in the cold. With no guarantee yet in sight that we will even be able to run our own ROMs given the 911 / internet deactivation fiasco.

  • Ants

    I had my account ok'd for an upgrade on the 24th, but they were out of stock, but they said that rogers plus stores were not, and to go get one upgraded there with a ID number from the phone call. long story short people in the stores use different computer systems and it takes like a day for anything to go corprate to store, and I called in later to see if they were still going to fix this for me and they said the whole promotion was on hold. :I I was promised a phone.

  • Ants

    I had my account ok'd for an upgrade on the 24th, but they were out of stock, but they said that rogers plus stores were not, and to go get one upgraded there with a ID number from the phone call. long story short people in the stores use different computer systems and it takes like a day for anything to go corprate to store, and I called in later to see if they were still going to fix this for me and they said the whole promotion was on hold. :I I was promised a phone.

  • samson34

    hey guys!

    if anyone is interested in a SAFE was to upgrade to Android 1.6 for their Rogers HTC Dream, check out this link

    it is a step by step process. written for those of us who are NON TECH and want to upgrade our phone!

    i did mine last night following the steps to the letter and it was super easy and done in less than 30 minutes!

  • acacia

    rogers sucks.
    death to rogers.
    i m stuck with dream and customer support is just idiotic.

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