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Rogers Stops Sales Of HTC Dream Due To Software Problem

Attention Rogers HTC Dream owners!

Effective immediately, Rogers Wireless has ceased sales of the HTC Dream in store and online due to a software problem. The software issue has to do with HTC Dream owners being unable to make emergency 911 calls.

All Rogers HTC Dream owners have been contacted via text message regarding this matter asking to disable “GPS Location” on the HTC Dream so that 911 calls can be completed.

As mentioned earlier this month, HTC/Rogers are planning a small software fix for the HTC Dream and this 911 issue is included in that update.

In the meantime, Rogers HTC Dream owners are to make the following change on their device:

1.) Select Menu
2.) Select Settings
3.) Select Location
4.) Uncheck Enable GPS Satellite

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  • Scott

    Does this affect rooted Dreams? I have my dream Rooted with 2.1 installed on it. I want to know if this is going to affect me or not. Please, if someone knows the answer, that would be great, thanks.

  • jag

    give 911 a ring

  • Rabid

    luckily right now, rogers is offering a free htc magic to most people who own a dream.

  • Hi Scott. I don't know the answer to that but we are recommending that our customers disable the GPS on your Rogers HTC Dream device to ensure 911 calls complete.

  • ken

    In reply to >>> “luckily right now, rogers is offering a free htc magic to most people who own a dream.” Don't count on your luck. For me, my luck ran out long before before I bought my “Nightmare” of a Dream phone. As I said before that I will NOT, NOT, NOT ugrade, WHY and another 3 years (contract) of this? I should have done more homework.

  • Scott

    Ok, thanks Mary.

  • Scott

    What's wrong with the Dream? I love it. I went for the upgrade to the Magic, just to get a free phone, but will probably stick with the Dream anyway.

  • Raolin

    Looks like this software problem isn't specific to the Dream only…I just got a text message from Rogers, meat of it reads as follows:

    “Please disable GPS location on your HTC Magic device to ensure all 911 calls complete. HTC is urgently working on a software upgrade so you can re-enable GPS.”

    Good times…wonder if it'll effect my rooted Magic

  • Aaron

    I just received a text from Rogers that I need to disable my GPS on my MAGIC! I guess the issue is deeper than just the Dream.

  • thesniperz

    i just got a text message on my HTC MAGIC saying this.. i thought it's only for Dream???
    i dont think it affects rooted phones.. 😛

  • andrzewi

    Could you tell me why Dream is better than Magic? I've got Dream replacement (refurbished!) because of Android malfunction and the replacement is not so smooth working. I'll be stuck with Magic which I'm going to pick-up from UPS tomorrow.

  • HD

    Upgraded to the Magic. I am blown away how much better it is then Dream even with similar specs. The Magic just runs better and much much longer battery life. Do the free upgrade, whats 7max months more. Sold my Dream plus got a $50 credit & free phone.

  • Billy_Android

    It's not better!

  • Billy_Android

    It's not better!

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