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Rogers rebrands HTC Magic as HTC “Magic+”

In January, Rogers issued text messages to HTC Magic owners in an attempt to prompt those users to disable their GPS so that they could successfully make 911 emergency calls. During this time, Rogers pulled the HTC Dream and Magic from their shelves to ensure that no customer receives a faulty device.

Eventually, the issue for the Magic (and Dream) was patched when Rogers pushed out a ROM update. At this point, Rogers put the Dream and Magic back out for sale. However, there has been a minor branding change.

After the ROM update to the Magic, Rogers has now re-branded the HTC Magic as the HTC “Magic+”. The “Magic+” and the original Magic are the exact same device except that the “Magic+” has the SenseUI with multitouch functions.

The price point is the same as the previous HTC Magic, as the HTC Magic+ is available on a 3-year voice and data agreement for $79.99.


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  • Hi Billy – Customers can also expect this Rogers HTC Magic+ to be upgradable to a 2.1 OS by mid-year.


  • It's too bad they didn't also upgrade the Magic to the Magic v1.2 with the 3.5mm headphone jack. Man, it's annoying to have to use the USB extender.

  • Great to hear abt the 2.1 update, it would have been better if the HTC magic+ had the 3.5mm audio jack, everything else is cool, but its lacking this alot

  • It should be known that the Magic+ is as of yet un-rootable.