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Reset the Flash Counter on Your Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note has taken many people by storm. Some stand on the “It’s to large” side, where others stand on the “OMG I want that” side. One thing all experienced Android users can agree on, it’s finding that perfect rom to send your experience to an all knew high is usually the most important piece of the puzzle.

When it comes to flashing roms or rooted kernels (especially for the first time), gives you that sense of rush. It’s that critical point where this could work, or you could be stuck with a brick. Another concern is about the warranty. If you trip the flash counter, you’ll get that Yellow Triangle and now your device will be tagged as a modified device. If you attempt to return this device, if the person knows what they are looking for, they will reject it and refuse warranty.

This sucks for us, but understandable for the manufacture and supporting venders. They don’t want to get stuck with boxes of bricked phones because inexperienced people get flash happy without reading and researching.

A developer by the name of Braway has come up with a simple flashable zip to bring that counter back to zero.


  • This resets the flash counter (kernel/recovery/… flashed through Odin) back to stock.

How to use

  • Download the zip file. Its an update-zip for cwm.
  • Put it on your sdcard, boot into recovery and flash it.

Fun Fact

  • Samsung knows how many kernels/recoveries you’ve flashed through odin.
  • The single counters are up to 255, so theoretically you can “reset” by flashing 256 of each (Samsung will still know you flashed something)
  • Samsung knows what was the last thing you’ve flashed
  • Flashing System is not counted.

Works With

  • AT&T i717
  • Rogers i717R
  • Telus i717D
  • Bell i717M

For more details, questions and downloads, head over to XDA thread found here.

Of course this is one of those Flash at your own risk situations.

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