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Qualcomm bringing Netflix to future Android devices with Snapdragon

You know Netflix. $7.99/month for unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows from a somewhat limited (yet quickly growing!) library. If you’re already a subscriber and own an Android device, you might be wondering why you’re still waiting for that Netflix app.

Qualcomm seems to have finally found the solution for those tricky DRM issues and promises to bring Netflix to future Android devices running their Snapdragon processors. Netflix apps already exist on other mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone 7. Qualcomm also promises great hardware decoding for improved battery life and better picture quality with Snapdragon.

Seems like current Android users are out of luck for the time being, Qualcomm only guarantees Netflix on upcoming devices with Snapdragon. But here’s to hoping that Netflix rolls out their cross-platform HTML5 mobile solution sooner than later. Are you bummed that your phone is left out or happy that your next handset might be running Netflix?

[via MobileBeat]


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