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Pre-Order Your Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III Today

Has all the announcements of the Galaxy S III got you all excited? Are you itching to grab this phone and rub it counter clockwise against the nose of your friend who uses an iPhone?

One of my favorite websites for ordering Android phones, since a couple days ago has thrown the Unlocked Galaxy S III up for Pre-order. Yes, this IS a more expensive method of buying phones, but if you don’t care the cost or you’ve been saving for this moment, the doors are now open for you.

Be one of the first to own this phone and make all you’re Android friends jealous.

Pre-Ordering may not be for everyone. You generally will spend $100 extra than normal price found when it’s officially released months later to our official carriers. This is an Unlocked version of the Galaxy S III. That means no carrier bloatware, and you’ll be able to use it on Any GSM carrier available in Canada, (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Virgin) without waiting to see who’s going to officially release it, or whether your carrier will release it at all.

Link to Expansys’ Galaxy S III Pre-Order Page

Note: Expansys normally carries the International versions of phones, this is likely NOT LTE enabled, but in return you’ll get the Exynos processors. If you’re a Rom flashing addicted, you’ll agree that the international version will benefit you more, as it will have world wide developer support for roms, not just North America.

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