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Plex For Android Gets Updated to Version 5.0, Brings Tons Of Goodies


Plex has announced a major update for its Android app which bestows a ton of improvements, fixes and new features.

But what is Plex? For some reason most people aren’t really familiar with the application despite it having great potential to make life easier. Basically Plex is here to make organizing your media library a breeze. The app gathers everything you have on your computer and makes it available anywhere, anytime. This means you’ll be able to stream content on mobile devices, via web and even on some smart TVs.

Plex for Android has been bumped up to version 5.0 and is now taking advantage of the company’s own sync technology. This adds a ton of improvements to Mobile Sync like the ability to sync playlists or search sync content seamlessly.

Users will also note improvements to the Search function and a new, more intuitive user interface.

Here’s the complete change-log:

* Redesigned sync management screen.
* Playlists can now be synced!
* New incremental syncing makes operations much faster and more efficient.
* Search your synced content just like a regular server.
* We took the core of the Plex Media Server, shrank it down, and embedded it within the Android app. Your synced content will now benefit from all the rich browsing, discovery, and playback features it provides.
– Many improvements to “Search”, including a new UI, support for faster searches, and also for searching new types of content such as actors, directors or tracks.
– Move user email from Navigation Menu header to Settings.
– Several usability improvements to the Camera Upload settings screen.
– Highlight filter icon when sort or filters are not the default setting.
– [Android TV] Seek and skip improvements during playback. (Using D-pad, gamepad triggers, or OSD actions: single-click to short skip and long-press for fast seeking.)
– [Android TV] Add stop button to music controls.
– [Android TV] Show app version number on settings screen.
– [Android TV] Playlist library no longer visible on home screen if there are no playlists.
– [Fire TV] Add support for subscribing to Plex Pass within the app.

[Plex / Google Play Store]

  • jhs39

    Plex for Android works very poorly and always has. Check the Plex message boards for the pages of complaints about problems with this app. Until Plex gets its act together concerning Android you shouldn’t be recommending their app.