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The Pixel’s Google Assistant Finally Gets Home Control Features

The Pixel keeps getting better and better. From now on users will be able to control their smart devices via the integrated Google Assistant.

So Pixel smartphones will be able to control products like Nest, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, as well as Belkin, Wemo and Honeywell gadgetry.

If you check the Google Assistant settings, you should be able to see a new “Home control” section where users can see a list of paired devices and set-up rooms on your local network. From there, users can go ahead and add devices just like they would in Google Home.

The new features show up on features running Android 7.1.2 with Google Play Services version 10.2.98 and a beta version of the Google app 6.12.19.

A Canadian user reported on Reddit, the same features shows up for him on a Pixel XL with Android 7.1.1 (February 2017 security patch), Google app version 6.11.21 and Google Play Services version 10.2.98.

So far you could have asked Google Assistant to turn set temperature, control lights and more only through Google Home, but now you can do the same with your smartphone.

Speaking of the Google Home, this update might make a lot of user reconsider buying a Google Home. Still the Pixel is a personal device. By contrast anyone can talk to the Google Home.