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Photos Of A 3rd Gen Moto X Have Been Leaked

Motorola has tried its best to keep at its flagship smartphone, the Moto X, a secret while the Moto G revealed itself over the internet multiple times. Fortunately for us, the 3rd gen Moto X is no secret anymore.

According to a Facebook page by the name of “Android Peru”, several shots of a prototype Moto X were shared and it looks like a front facing LED flash is now confirmed for those that really want to take selfies in the dark. Other notable features include dual speaker grilles (which may or may not be stereo speakers), edge-to-edge display with LG G2-like bezels and a slightly redesigned back.

Motorola has announced an event next week on July 28th, which is more than likely the day they’ll launch the Moto X, G and E and maybe even the 2nd-gen Moto 360.


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