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#patentfun March 5 – 10, 2012

#Patentfun is a weekly round up of all the legal battles surround the Android OS.

So… some heady stuff this week… I’ll do my best to try to sort it out.

Now this comes from another Android site, so take it with a grain of salt really. But I just loved the picture, plus with all the crazy iStuff this past week flooding our streams, I’m all for something anti-Apple right about now…]

An interesting read to say the least.  And provides some input into the whole schema… but I’m not sure I totally agree with the patent troll definition applying to Apple.  I’d say it’s just somebody with an overactive legal trigger finger with a grudge.

 I’m not sure how really cool this is… or how it’ll help them protect against the patent trolls knocking on their door, but it does do something I’ve always recommended for any Android user… help personalize your phone.

Why rob of us any screen space as it is?

I included the last 2 bits of new patents just because you know, any patent nowadays is just fodder for a lawsuit!

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