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#Patentfun March 19 – 24, 2012

#Patentfun is the weekly round up of articles pertaining to the legal battles that surrounds the Android OS.

Getting this one out late in the day.  Busy week for me in my real world life… (congrats to team Saskatchewan in the Canadian Wheelchair curling)

Samsung (& RIM) sued over emoticon use by a company called “Varia

You. have. got. to. be. kidding. me.

Really?  Because the phone has a button to launch out options for 🙂 or 🙁 they are saying they own that.  Well, there are also several software companies that make keyboards for these devices… are they suing them too?

People who think they own patents should just stop.  Please.  Samsung will crush you pretty quickly.  Look at how much they’re spending to go toe-to-toe with Apple.

Google Patents a ‘listening’ based ad service

Now this isn’t the basis of a lawsuit… yet… but I can hear it on the wind.  #seewhatididthere

The idea is that based on a complex algorithm, it will listen to what’s around you which will help determine where you are (like the GPS wouldn’t tell them already), which could then help tailor the ads more appropriately.

Sounds a little spooky, but I’m not the tinfoil hat type.  I’m more concerned about what kind of data amounts are now being sent off without my knowledge.  I have a limited plan you know!

Apple’s Operating System Patent declared invalid

…and it looks like they don’t like the touchscreen one either.

Judge Posner told Apple to reduce the patents they were fighting Motorola over, and he decided to cut one out himself… the ‘operating system’ one.  He says:

“[the patent is] invalid because the specification discloses no structure corresponding to ‘means for storing said executable program logic in an object-oriented class library”.

Whatever that means, which is  why it probably got thrown out.  These vague nebulous assertions in the patent space need to be removed entirely.

Oracle v. Google case could be over in less than a month

Well the trial is to go ahead on the 16th of April, and the judge is ordering that they have a settlement ‘conference’ before hand, just in case it could resolve the issues before trial.  Which could save millions.

Who knows how those things could go… and besides, the way it’s dragged on long enough and with the back and forth… somebody just might want to be done with it all sooner than later, and could have something worked out ahead of time.

Microsoft readies some defenses against Motorola in Germany

Motorola’s really taking some names in Germany when it comes to the patent scenario.  It’s win with push notifications has it on cloud 9.  Well, Microsoft hopes to bring it down a little as it readies to defend itself.

I’m okay with that.  The idea of push notifications as great as it is, I think has transcended the normal sphere, and as much as others are really pushing the envelop with all the suing and whatnot, I’m okay with a company being told to back down, stop being silly.  Just so long as everybody takes note of it and follows suit.

Well, that’s my brief round up this week… anything you guys saw?


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