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#patentfun March 12 – 17, 2012

Patentfun is the weekly round-up of the litigation surrounding the Android OS.


I have been limiting this round up to talk about the patent situation lawsuits, and this one is just for the refund window… which I must say is idiotic for only a 15 minute window.  However, in the same vein, I’m not about to jump out and for anything expensive that I would demand a refund for.  I’d investigate first… but that’s just me.

Germany, the land of seemingly make a claim and win for patents is trying ot shake the stereo type I guess.  They’re giving Apple the heave ho for the ‘slide to unlock’, and are considering the ‘outcome’ for Microsoft going after Motorola for a ‘multi-part message’ system.  To me that MS one is a bit of a stretch.

Ahead of time, the ITC lays down their ruling that they found Motorola wasn’t violating any of the patents that Apple claimed (here’s what FOSS wrote on the 3 patents in dispute)

U.S. Patent No. 5,379,430 on an “object-oriented system locator system” (yes, “system” appears twice in the title) and U.S. Patent No. 7,812,828 on an “ellipse fitting for multi-touch surfaces”. The ‘828 patent is one of many patents Apple is asserting against Samsung in the United States, but it isn’t nearly as essential to Apple’s litigation strategy as another patent at issue in this preliminary ITC ruling and in use against Samsung in Apple’s federal lawsuit in California: U.S. Patent No. 7,663,607on a “multipoint touchscreen”.

This comes even after Apple ‘streamlined’ their cases against Moto.

I’m thinking this is a ‘tester’ lawsuit, that it’s got an outrageous claim that Google is forcing you to use their “Play Store” and they don’t even test the apps in there.  Has Mr. Harris or Mr. Sabatino (the ones doing the suing of breach of warranty) not ever seen an Apple product?  Because they paid for an app and weren’t happy with the results (um, boys, do your homework next time before you buy) they’re suing.

Let’s hope this doesn’t last long on the docket.

Samsung is sure revving up for a heavy year, a lot of return fire against Apple, and this is just but one of their cases right now.  What defeated Samsung in their claims on a 3G patent was the fact that they have a licensing agreement with the chip manufacturer, Qualcomm.

At least Samsung is letting Apple know that they aren’t going to sit still this year.  and, they will still innovate and release fantastic products (S3?) this year rather than re-hashes of old ones.

Remember that odd time that Samsung was made to hand over code to Apple… in the land down under?  It’s definitely upside down.  Well, playing the cards close to their chest Samsung produced the minimal amount of code necessary, and Apple is saying that they want ALL of it.  1 instance of the code should be enough for Apple/courts to determine if any patent breaching took place… anything more that Apple wants is just being greedy (hey, I guess they gotta innovate somehow).


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