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#patentfun July 2 – 8, 2012

#patentfun is the roundup of articles that surround the litigation involving Android.


So, this past week, I’ve been on holiday.  I say holiday, but I really mean sweating it out in buckets and spending time in my kilt, and even more time in a car. *whew*  survived.

At the start of the week we saw the whole #boycottapple thing go down.  And really, there’s been both upswelling of the movement and backlash.  It’s been interesting to hear people deride it and praise it.  No matter what side of the fence you’re on (and it’d be interesting to hear, as  often those who are Android users tend to have Mac desktops) we all agree on one thing.  The patent situation is crazy.  It’s getting out of control, and there seems to be little we can do to make sense out of it, or turn it.

What people on social media networks do tho’, is put together a movement.  StopSOPA, Kony2012, whatever… people love to reshare and spread a message.  Did we catch Kony?  Were those who spread the message political experts on the intricacies involved in African politics?  But the message continued none-the-less.

And I think that’s what’s been most important about the #boycottapple campaign, is that it brings to light the issue that is there.  Whether we actually ‘bring down Apple’ or not, we get people talking, and we help to get people ‘in the know’.  That is the goal.  At least in my view.

Okay, so here’s the patentfights:

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