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#Patentfun January 16 – 21 ’12

It’s that time of the week again where I round up the lawsuits surrounding the Android OS.  Never any shortage of fodder for this.

Okay, it has to do with the Oracle v. Google lawsuit, which is getting kinda boring, but I thought that $10 MILLION per day number kinda stuck out on me.  And people wonder about open source and why would you want to use that… well, if what Oracle is saying is true, then that’s a whack of cash!

Microsoft sure has some skills when it comes to pressuring manufacturers to make with the dough.  Wonder if they took lessons from guys with middles names like “the”.

Yes, WTF indeed Tom (a note he put beside this article suggestion)

Really sad.  I talked about this last week – I really enjoyed Kodak, before switching to Canon, and continued to use their film.  I imagine you can’t blame the company.  When you’re that low in the valuation, you really are grasping at weeds going over the cliff.

I guess this is phase 2, if you don’t like the outcome in licensing options.  The details are still a little shrouded, and I wonder why they’re so vigorously going after Motorola with such a ‘vague’ case, instead of a specifically targeted on — I’m thinking they’re afraid of what a Google Motorola will do.

Didn’t this already happen?  Hasn’t Apple/Samsung sued every permutation and combination of each other?  Well, what’s another 15?

Again this seems entirely about the “only we can make square-ish things” stance that Apple has.  Is this the major ‘wrong’ that SJ talked about?  Anyways, apparently this s**t will fly in Germany, or at least the only place that wouldn’t laugh the case  back to Cupertino.

I’m having a lot of Deja Vu in 2012 … and these Apple v. Samsung suits are no different.  I guess this one’s geared SPECIFICALLY the ICS version of slide to unlock.  We’ll see how it plays out.  Although I don’t have any worry for Samsung on this, as Apple won the slide to unlock a while back, but Android was allowed the ‘gesture’ unlock.  Semantics I bet, but silly nonetheless.

Well, this was a quick play by Samsung as one of the first ‘fire backs’ against Apple to block any of the 3G related items from being allowed in.  Again it’s empty in either victory or win, but – with this continuance of companies suing each other, you gotta keep firing one across the bow.

Okay, so this was a pretty quick recap, as I’ve had a pretty stressful, long week.

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