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#Patentfun for the Week November 7 – 11

Funny, I’ve been doing these article summaries for a few weeks now [at least 4-5], and I only just now find out about “FOSS Patents“. Essentially what I’ve been trying to do, but summarily as only once a week. Not that I’d want anybody to get their news from another blog [AiC is your favourite right?], but if you ever need a fix on how the battle goes mid week – check out FOSS. Come to think of it, I’ve probably source’d him a couple times over the course of my #patentfun postings.

So, let’s dig into the goodies this week.

  • Motorola’s ‘wins’ in Germany against Apple. Thanks to FOSS for really explaining this whole ‘schla-mozzle’. Apparently Motorola has gone after Apple in Germany [where Samsung has already lost the tablet fight] and has won a default judgment on the case over some of the patent issues. Now FOSS points to the fact that technically Apple is represented by 2 groups in Germany and it may have been a ‘left hand didn’t know what the right was doing’ kind of scenario, and they failed to present their case appropriately. Could be a play on Apple’s part. I don’t think they ever just ‘forget’ something like that. So watch for Germany to start lighting up with some heavy activity – this time with Motorola and Apple.
  • Microsoft targets Huawei for licensing. We all know Apple likes to crush people, and Microsoft is more want to bleeding them. Not so sure which I’d like better. But, MS is after another now. Huawei, makers of some little Andy products out there that MS claims infringes on their patents. This makes for a pretty big string of manufacturers. According to the article now over 50% of Android manufacturers pay licensing to MS. With all these patent issues, I would think by now either manufacturers are either getting scared of using the system [unless it’s entirely overly profitable] or maybe they start to pressure Google to look at a way to modify Android so that it doesn’t infringe upon those patents. You know my stance on the whole patent thing, but with these many wins, it starts to make you change your mind … almost.
  • Google offers support to Asian partners. During his trip to Asia, Eric Schmidt reaffirms his support of their Asian manufacturers using Android. This support will take the form of information and most likely patents, where necessary.
  • “We tell our partners, including the ones here in Taiwan, we will support them. For example we have been supporting HTC in its dispute with Apple because we think that the Apple thing is not correct.”

  • Samsung forces Apple to reveal contracts & source code. in Australia. As part of the retaliation/counter-suit with Apple v. Samsung in Australia, Samsung had asked for Apple to show what contracts they have/had with carriers in Australia trying to show some damaging partnerships. Some say it’s a fishing expedition [hopefully they’ll find more stuff], but who knows. What was also intriguing to hear was that they asked Apple to reveal some of the source code, and APPLE DID! Now, they say there’s some pages missing… but that was almost expected. The blowback to providing out your sourcecode means that Apple will now HEAVILY watch anything Samsung does.

So that’s the way I saw things this past week. What do you think?

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