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#patentfun February 20 – 26, 2012

Okay, sorry, but this will be a short round-up at best.  Been a full weekend of a sick family and have had little time to put it together (I mostly round up articles through out the week and try to polish by the Friday, whereas this week I’m just getting to it now).

I know I said this weekly article was to be just about Android, but I’m including not just because it’s been a slow week, but I’m showing you that Apple’s really taking much of the sting that Android’s causing them and getting it to spill out into other ventures.  If you read up more on this scenario (don’t just take Giz’s word, they’re pretty much anti-Google as it gets — which is funny because Apple tried to sue them too), Google was using a work-around due to Safari’s inferior code to enable the most of communication needs by their app users.  Anyways, … Apple’s suing people.  Not new.

As we’ve seen Google purchase a manufacturing company, and more and more we’re hearing about the Ubuntu desktop option and how they’re potentially getting into hardware mode… something like this isn’t exactly news, but the inevitable next step.  Google WILL BE a hardware company before long.  And as they’ve watched Apple do that for some time, they’re taking their marks that they should protect what they can.  Patent instead of license!

So Apple, firing more against Google, eh?  Well in the case the ‘as good as Google’ scenario.  Apple just doesn’t like hearing NO.  So they’re asking for a petition to review the cases against “Gootorola”.  Back when I was a teacher I remember students wanting to re-take courses that they either failed or didn’t do as well as they would have liked.  I remember suggesting we put in a ‘if they fail again, or do worse, we should get to charge them double” (which was a joke, as double the fee to take a course of $0 is still $0…).  I think there should be some serious repercussions on Apple if the ALJ decides STILL in favour of Motorola.  Something should be put into place to prevent Apple from just firing out a new lawsuit or FRAND complaint every other day.

Well, Motorola I think it’s a bit heavy handed, but it’s only fair turn of play for them to enforce these kinds of measures against Apple.  Note it says to ‘deactivate’, not ‘eliminate’.  That leaves it open to allow for a new decision down the road.  It also allows them to not have to make a separate product for just Germany.

I’m going to need a refresher on this whole scenario again to understand it.  As much as a Googler I am, I was really buying into the Oracle side of things, as it sounded pretty damning at some points.  But the last few updates have really had things starting to swing Google’s way, so I’ll have to re-look at it again and see how things stand now.

Again, this is starting to show how Google is making that foray into the hardware realm (you’ve heard the rumours about the tablet, and potential entertainment devices?).  Plus, this is a cool cool feature to be able to just ‘swype’ “GO” on the screen and have it recognize that you want to search what’s in the O.

Okay, that’s enough for me right now… back to the cold medication and vapourizer.

Enjoy your week everybody!

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