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#Patentfun December 12 – 16

Another week passes, and more activity in the mobile OS legal realm.  I want to thank FOSS (Florian Mueller) for not only being the source of many of these articles, but really making sense out of them.

Thankfully I have still yet to see some ‘Canadian’ in these suits – maybe our lawyers are more level headed.

The patent litigation that’s sweeping the nation has caused one judge to defer one of  Motorola’s “preventative suits” against Apple (there are 3)  to a judge in Chicago who apparently “enjoys trying patent cases“.  That judge has indicated that he would take on the trial, so long as it stays in Chicago.

Thanks again to FOSS (Florian Mueller) who makes not only sense of this huge debacle these days, but produces something tangible that we can see.  This time Florian has made a nice infographic to display the 51 different patents in litigation between 7 different courts across the world.  I wouldn’t even attempt this with Sammy and Apple.

So much going on with Carrier IQ and it’s just spooky.  I’ve said that before, and it hasn’t changed yet.  A few days ago Carrier IQ tried to clear the air with a 19 page report (nothing better to clear things up than with a long report!) on their business practices.

Having trouble sleeping?  Read through it here [PDF].

Ah, the ITC; the go-to for lawyers who want to sue, without it looking like they’re suing.  It is a good strategy as they can raise the complaint to the ITC and from there block imports into the country.  Kind of like the ombudsmen, but hopefully with more clout.

This is the 2nd time that they’ve deferred the reviewing on this case, ruling on the re-reading of the 2 patents that HTC was supposedly infringing upon (having been already cleared of infringing on 2 already).

We’ll see what Monday brings.

Carrier IQ has responded to Al Franken’s request, along with a couple of carriers and manufacturers.  Senator Franken (still weird to write that) has sent out to Samsung, HTC, Sprint, AT&T and Carrier IQ request about the inclusion of the software and what it does etc…

He has received some information back, which Franken states he is “very troubled“.  In documents he released on the site it shows Samsung has 25 million devices with Carrier IQ on it (many are non-Android, and most have only ‘dormant’ software which doesn’t transmit), while HTC has approximately 6 million.  Wow!  Now the manufacturers claim that they don’t receive any information from CIQ, but the providers may.  I won’t comment on the providers, as they are US, and shouldn’t have any bearing on us in Canada (hopefully).  But definitely it’s worth a read through.

Props to Franken for being… forgive the pun … frank with these companies and making them answer in a very straight forward manner.

So, that’s how I saw the battles this past week.  Anything I miss?  Something catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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