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#Patentfun Dec 5 – 10

Oooh, so much actually has happened.  So, some of this might be considered ‘old’ comparatively.  And then so much has happened in the past day, and coming in still…

Maybe I should find a better way to display these – like a progress chart – as often these tend to be updates from previous news articles.

So, last week I told you how Motorola tried to sneak in iCloud arguments into a previous statement against Apple in a case in a Florida court.  The suggestion was that they file it separately.

In the beginning of this week, there was a rumour floating around that there might be a way for them to actually still include. it.

Nope… Chuck Testa!  Hah… j/k.  But really, it turned out that their argument couldn’t dissuade the judge to allow it in.  However, it’s still not saying it still can’t come about from another separate hearing.

As Apple is really claiming “but theirs looks like ours” they send off a memo to Samsung telling them that they should probably make their tablets so that they don’t look like Apple’s.  Which is a good thing, they shouldn’t be too similar (I think they look different enough) — but Apple gave some specific details on what they shouldn’t do

• Shapes that are not rectangular with four flat sides or that do not have four rounded corners.
• Front surfaces that are not completely flat or clear and that have substantial adornment.
• Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
• Profiles that are not thin relative to [Apple patent D’889] or that have a cluttered appearance.

Seriously… ‘not rectangular’…?  Like every LCD display since they started building them?  Wow… whole level of crazy.

Yay, no worries here in the North American continent, as a judge denies Apple their chance to ban it here.  Guess they’ll have to be satisfied with just Germany.

Now this one’s weird, as IPCom is actually sending the C&D letters to the retailers of the products, and not HTC.  What’s weirder is the audacity they would have to make this letter up seeing as there is no legal claim at the moment..  Hrmm..

Samsung attempted to beat Apple to the punch by suing first (take that Gredo), unfortunately the ruling came in on Dec 8th and Samsung lost that battle.  But, maybe this loss is also a preventative measure – maybe now apple can’t sue Samsung there over the same thing?

The lift is finally over (even after that weird situation last week when it was lifted, but held in place).  Aussies can now go and purchase their Samsung tablets.  Just in time for the holidays!

With all the suits that went on, and countersuits, appeals etc… I still find it hard to calculate if anybody’s ahead (besides the lawyers).  With it sounding like it’s only getting started, Samsung is prepping for mega legal battles in 2012.

There’s a lot of hoopla going around the internet right now that is making this out to be THE real definitive case for iOS vs. Android.  Samsung and Apple have been duking it out for so long that we’ve all but forgotten about Motorola.

Remember that default judgment way back?  Well it’s reared its head again in the sense that a judge can now say that Apple items could be banned in Germany (and the rumours are floating about that it could include the rest of Europe).  Wow.

There’s a few other stories floating around right now, but I’ll leave it here and pick it up again next Saturday.

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