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#patentfun April 23 – 28, 2012

#Patentfun is the weekly round-up of articles that cover the litigation surrounding the  Android OS.  It’s getting silly… really.

Need something help get you up to speed… there’s tons of lawsuits going on, and FOSS has laid out just the Apple-Samsung ones here.

Also, this week had A LOT of info one the Oracle / Google case, especially as FOSS is covering it and has quite the inside information on the Oracle side (he’s come out and has said that he consults for them), so I’ll try not to dig and get into specifics of the case, hopefully… as it can be quite legally dry.

Google to court: Galaxy Nexus code is closed just like that of the iPhone

And this makes sense… Apple is wanting Samsung’s code for the Galaxy Nexus, but what’s put in that phone is not exactly Android 4.0.  Samsung has taken that code and possibly changed lines or 2, and then as such it belongs to Sammie… so hands off Apple!

And really, Apple’s just going on ‘discovery hunts’ trying to find more things to sue people over.  yeesh…

Apple and Samsung meeting date set for May 21st and 22nd

We’ve talked about this before, and as you know, my hopes aren’t high, especially as it has now been delayed (that can’t be good)… but hopefully we can get some clarity from it.

And then there’s the bit where we find out that “Tim Cook hates litigation, not quite ready to call a patent truce“, which is an interesting read.  Quite the difference from Jobs, who wanted to go thermonuclear!

Apple hit Motorola and HTC with six new patents in Miami last month

So Apple is now going after Moto and HTC after something they’ve already gone after Samsung with.  The term ‘shotgunning’ is coming to mind.

Here’s what they’re claiming as infringed:

  • “unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image”
  • “method and apparatus for displaying a window for a user interface”
  • “missed telephone call management for a portable multifunction device”
  • “system and method for situational location relevant invocable speed reference”
  • “method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations”
  • “user interface for application management for a mobile device”

These are just so… okay, makes me pretty crazy thinking that they get beyond the initial hearing phases.

Motorola virtually concedes infringement of overscroll bounce patent but disputes validity

This is THE case I really hope wins.  It stands on the grounds of, “yeah, we did something similar, but c’mon… you can’t patent every tiny nuance”.

It’s my hope that it starts a chain reaction to the rest of the suits out there… fingers crossed.

Judge denies assertion of revived Oracle patent but Google still needs to take a license to it

uh ohs…


Well, that’s the articles I saw this week, there’s lots more that are on the fringe, as they deal with the manufacturers and some of their tech, but I want to focus just on the OS stuff.

How do you feel about all this?

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  • Anonymous

    I would try a steer clear of using Foss Patents for reference. He has admitted to being hired by Oracle and Microsoft and his article show a significant bias against google and other Open Source Initiatives.

    Groclaw is a little bit more reliable, and they show all the court documents.

    • Anonymous

      which is why i’m not as much relying on his for the Oracle stuff.
      Groclaw?  will have to look it up!