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Over 300,000 Android Phones Activated Daily

That’s right folks. Call it fragmented, call it geeky but you can’t deny its growth. An incredible platform that’s pushing the mobile force beyond belief, now has over 300,000 activations every day.

This comes from Andy Rubin (yup, that Andy Rubin) via his Twitter account. Great news for the Android platform and hopefully this along with Gingerbread will have Android developers blowing right past those 100,000 apps.

Here’s what comes to my mind though. So many Android phones are sold through various manufacturers and wireless providers. The handset prices range from affordable to high-end expensive as well, though data plans are generally a lot of money (but not always!).

So my question is this, do all Android owners know they have an Android phone? Other than the knowledge of owning a “smartphone” that has internet access and apps, do they know what OS their phone is running and why it might be significant?

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[Andy Rubin (Twitter)]

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  • Matthew

    Over 300,000 Android phones activated each day! This is staggering. So, that means there are 300,000 Android sales each day. Does anybody know what the stats are for iPhones? I know Android is gaining popularity among my friends, too.

  • Freedomseeker

    How did they count this? by distinct IMEI or simply activation when first starting the OS? if the latter, many might be geeks reflashing mod ROMs.

  • 109 million activations a year? That sounds like a huge number. How was this calculated?