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OnePlus Will Not Release Successor To OnePlus X, CEO Confirms

OnePlus X - 2

Now with the OnePlus 3 release out of the way, many expected the company to refresh its midrange offerings for this year. However, there’s bad news.

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei revealed during the OnePlus 3 launch yesterday that the company will not release a successor to the OnePlus X. At all. And instead, they will focus on one flagship product going forward.

The reason he gave was to strengthen its foundation, which was something they admittedly did not do last year.

So for those looking at an affordable phone with great specs and a relatively small form factor, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


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  • Imadude

    I wonder if they will make a lower-spec version of the OP3. Intro it 6 months later, with lower specs and 100-150 price cut, and sell it 6 months into the life of the OP4. I cant see them have a single phone in a single spec at a single price point.. would make more sense to use the existing platform for something else. Anyways, just my 2 cents.

    • Andrew Umukoro

      good point, diversification to hit two different markets cause while 500 bucks for op3 is a good deal it’s steal 500 dollars lol