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OnePlus Reveals New Invite System For OnePlus 2


If there is one thing more worse than waiting for your phone to ship, it’s waiting for an invite so you can purchase the phone itself. This really only applied to the OnePlus One from last year and now the company has revealed its new and improved invite system prior to the launch of its upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2.

By first acknowledging the frustration that came with sold out preorders, the company will simply have more phones in stock. The difference is actually 30 to 50 times more stock compared to last year, and as such, getting that dreaded invite will take a lot less time.

Adding on to that, they will also be putting up a reservation list for those that sign up for them with priority going to early members on the OnePlus forums.

Now the only thing the company has left to do is the actual reveal, which will be happenning on July 27th.


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