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OnePlus CEO Promises OnePlus 2 Will Cost Under $450 USD



If there was one thing that was really vague about OnePlus’ upcoming smartphone, it was the price.

Earlier today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed the price point of the OnePlus 2 would be “under $450 USD”. This is a lot better than the “greater than $322” price point which was floating around since last month. Many are assuming that it will end up being $449 but do remember that last year OnePlus originally said the OnePlus One would be cheaper than $400 USD and the 16GB model ended up costing $299 USD.

The biggest reason for the price increase is due to the use of the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 SoC but relative to other phones, this is still quite inexpensive.

The phone is expected to be launched on the 27th of this month.


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