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OnePlus 2’s USB Type C Cable Leaked In Photos


A few days ago OnePlus let the world know of its plans to make the OnePlus 2 the first phone to be released with USB Type C connector. And now, someone has managed to take some nice pics of the said connector and it’s looking good.


MyDrivers has posted several shots of the purported OnePlus 2’s USB Type C cable in its red colour and it really does resemble the regular micro USB cable bundled with the OnePlus One last year. The Type C connector offers support for extremely faster charging, transfer of power + data to or from the device and it can be plugged in either orientation.

The only downside to this Type C connector is the fact that it’s not natively backwards compatible with the micro USB connector as an adapter would be required. The OnePlus 2 is confirmed to be coming with the Snapdragon 810 (v2.1) SoC and 3-4 GB of RAM.

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