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Official ICS Rolling Out To Unlocked Galaxy S II i9100

The Galaxy S II was one the hottest phones of 2011. It set standards all across the world and was the phone to beat for many companies. Today, the Galaxy S II still stands tall amongst the competitors despite the rapid advancement of Android devices this past year.

The Factory Unlocked version the Galaxy S II i9100 (Normally bought online from the UK) Is currently receiving the ICS update. Samsung has been gradually rolling out these updates, but previously this has only gone to carrier-branded phones. Now Samsung UK mentioned that they have been working extremely hard at getting the update out to all of their devices, including those purchased unlocked:

Samsung UK has been working as hard as possible over the last few weeks to get Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) rolled out to all our Galaxy S II customers. We can confirm that ‘XEU/sim-free’ and all network upgrades are now complete except for Orange and T-Mobile which will follow as soon as possible, pending software testing and approvals. Thanks again for your patience.

Before you say “Woh woh…wait… I thought this was AndroidinCANADA?” There’s actually a surprising amount of unlocked Galaxy S IIs floating around our streets of Canada. The real hardcore Android users know where the game is at.

Of course just because they say it’s rolling out, doesn’t mean you’re going to get yours tomorrow, we all know this takes time, so patients is key once again.


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  • Sumth Say

    True. I used to own one.  My friend still does.

    • Yeah man, I used to own one too.

      Sent from my Android.

  • Guardianflash

    Please Bell release ics for my Galaxy SII 4G now!!!

  • Restlessheart_promiseland

    honestly when on earth will BELL release the ICS update? this is pathetic! 

    • Last I heard, bell pushed back nearly all the April release dates to May. It sucks, I know heh.

      Sent from my Android.

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  • King G

    Sadly it might be on april 2012…