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New Geekbench Scores Reveal The Xiaomi Mi 5 Will Sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

I’ve always been interested in knowing which OEM successfully launches a phone with the newest SoC and it looks like Xiaomi may beat the others to the punch by being the first to use Qualcomm’s newest and baddest Snapdragon 820 SoC.


According to new Geekbench scores done on an unreleased Xiaomi phone with codename Gemini, the phone uses a msm8996 chipset (which is the Snapdragon 820) with 3GB of RAM. This could very well be the upcoming Mi5. However, the real kicker here is the actual score itself. It managed 2162 in single core testing and 5116 in multi core testing which pretty much beats every single phone out there (except for Apple’s A9 SoC in the single core test).

The Snapdragon 820 was officially announced a few days ago and the semiconductor giant has already started delivering their chips to OEMs to use. Now it’s just a matter of when those OEMs will release products with the Snapdragon 820 inside.


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