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Motorola Announces The New Moto 360 And Moto 360 Sport

Motorola has quitely announced the successor, or should I say successors to last year’s Moto 360. There are four models to choose from, the regular 46mm watch, and a new 42mm watch for both men and women. They’ve also introduced the Moto 360 sport which is really just a Moto 360 in a silicone band with built-in GPS.

All of the new watches come with lugs for the watchband, an improvement from the notorious backplate slits in last year’s watch. With the button moved up in the 2 o’clock position, there aren’t any other noticable differences. As for the women’s model, it features a narrower lug and watchband. The company has also finally ditched the TI OMAP SoC and is now sporting the Snapdragon 400 SoC, which is being used in every other Android Wear smartwatch.

As for battery, the larger watch comes with a 400mAh battery (good for up to 2 days use) whereas the smaller one can only fit a 300mAh one (only up to 1 day).

The Moto 360 sport comes with a slightly different design and an interesting “AnyLight” LCD display which allows for amazing indoor and outdoor screen visibility. The band is made out of a silicone construction with special UV coating that apparently prevents moisture, fading and staining.

Thanks to MobileSyrup, Canadian pricing for the watches are as follows:

Moto 360 (Men)
42mm – Black/Silver Stainless Steel Case with Black Leather Band: $379.99

Moto 360 (Men)

46mm – Silver Stainless Steel Case with Cognac Leather Band: $429.99

Moto 360 (Men)
46mm – Black Stainless Steel Case and Band: $499.99

Moto 360 (Women)
42mm – Rose Gold Stainless Steel Case with Blush Leather Band: $399.99

Moto 360 (Women)
42mm – Silver Stainless Steel Case and Band: $429.99

The watch will be available this fall at Best Buy, TELUS and the Google Store.


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