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Missing out on MWC? Check Out These Recap Videos

just in case you were stuck at work like me and wondering what kind of awesome stuff you were missing at MWC and more importantly the Android booth, the Android developers YouTube page has aired day one, and day two recap videos for your viewing pleasure. The day one video breaks down all the cools things that are not only going on at the booth, but in the world of Android in general. You really gotta check out the robot that makes custom bedazzled Galaxy Nexus battery doors, and the conveyor belt carrying almost every Android device ever created. Also the day one recap has interviews with some of Android’s most creative app developers, and the day two video is all about the Android digital media experience, outlining the endless possibilities of music, books and videos, on and off line. Jump past the break to check ‘em out, you’re really gonna love these.

Almost makes you jump with glee wondering whats coming next!

[Source: Google+ 1 / 2]

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