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Lollipop For OnePlus One Is In Final Testing


This is supposed to be the month where every OEM who promised the Lollipop OTA within 90 days rolls out that said update.


— Cyanogen Inc. (@CyanogenInc) February 1, 2015

According to the Cyanoged Inc., CyanogenMod 12S (made specifically for the OnePlus One) is in its final quality assurance testing phase. However, since its not just Cyanogen involved in this process, this will take a few days to finalize, including getting the update certified for Google Play Services.

The update itself is based off of Android 5.0.2 AOSP and includes all the usual CyanogedMod features you find in CM-based custom ROMs. Alternatively, we learned that OnePlus is developing its own Android-based OS for the phone by the name of Oxygen OS in order to slowly remove their dependance on CM and support users in the long run.

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