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LG Will Not Sell The V10 In Canada


The LG V10 is really the LG G4 on steroids and has been talked about a lot for its unique design and secondary screen. Unfortunately, if you were waiting for this phone to release in Canada, you’ve got bad news.

According to LG’s Social Media team on their Facebook page, the company will not bring the smartphone to Canadian shores due to unexplained reasons. Their response was the following:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring the V10 to Canada. We encourage you to check out some of other amazing phones, like our flagship LG G4…

Recommending a phone well within its release cycle is not bad per se, but it does reflects poorly on the company’s current offerings for Canada. However, like almost every smartphone, you can always purchase it unlocked through several online retailers and ship it here.

With the new year slowly approaching, the successor to both the V10 and the G4, known as the G5 for now, will come with a full metal unibody display and maybe even Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 820 SoC.

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