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Lenovo Unveils Magic View Smartwatch Concept


Ever since Lenovo took over Motorola Mobility, many have wondered what the 2nd gen Moto 360 will be like with Lenovo taking control. But it seems the company is planning on creating its own smartwatch brand.

Chinese tech giant Lenovo held a press conference in Beijing to reveal its latest products, including the Magic View smartwatch. Sure it’s not a real smartwatch right now but the concept seems very interesting. The watch sports a circular display that looks very similar to the Moto 360, but it also comes with a secondary screen on the watchband itself.

The company calls it the “Virtual Interactive Display” and it apparently produces an image 20x the size of the watch face.

Obviously this has to be done using a secondary display, but it’s quite cool nonetheless.

As for Motorola, the 2nd-generation watch has yet to be seen but it may very well be announced during Google I/O tomorrow.

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