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Lego Droid Project

AndroidTO was great, and I’ve got some notes on a ‘wrap up’ article I’ve yet to write, so … don’t worry, I’ll get one done … most likely by tomorrow.

But it was also great to meet some people.  I really wish I had more time to have done a better job networking and meeting with anyone, but the workshops were really good and the booths were really PACKED…

One of the cool things I got to see that day was from Marc, one of the guys that won a ticket for the event from us.  He brought out this cool little droid.

Me with all my ‘friends’
photo by Sivan

I’ve seen it about on the internet, but what I didn’t know was that it actually was done by Marc.  This is his project.  He’s trying to help bring this cool little addition to the “droid army” to anyone’s “droid army”.

I felt a little guilty for not knowing this.  I really wanted to connect with some readers, and here I didn’t even know that Marc actually built this and is trying to get more of them out there.

Awesome to see this lego droid, not only in person, but also realize that it’s a project from a Canadian — and he’s so close to getting this done.  He needs 10,000 supporters, and he’s already at 7300.  Let’s help this ANDROID IN CANADA get made!

Here’s the CUUS? project page:

Please help out and let’s see this kit made!

Marc and his creation!
photo by Sivan

Great to meet ya Marc!

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