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Just How Dominant Is Samsung In The Android World?

Samsung Crown


All through January as numbers for 2012 came in there were a couple of consistent themes:  1. Android was dominating the mobile device market and 2. Samsung was dominating the Android market and the mobile device market as a whole.  And just in case we weren’t convinced enough about Samsung’s dominance in the mobile tech world another report has surfaced to remind us.

A mobile analytics firm by the name of Localytics has published the results of recent study which shows Samsung holding 8 out of the 10 spots for top Android devices.  The study looked at the top devices in January and as you can see Samsung holds spots 1 through 6.  The only other two devices to break up the clean sweep by Samsung are the Kindle Fire by Amazon and the Droid RAZR by Motorola.



Of course the Galaxy S III is leading the way but surprisingly the Galaxy s II is still a strong force in the Android field right now.  The Galaxy Ace, one of Samsung’s more entry level devices, is also doing surprisingly well.  If we were to look for a weak spot in the Samsung line up it would probably have to be in the tablet area.  However, the Nexus 10, which is made by Samsung, may change things in the coming year.  And if the rumoured Nexus 10 sequel does come into fruition this year things could definitely change!



  • jimbo

    It looks dominant when you show the top ten like that… but the total of all of those is 32.6% of the total devices. So about 2/3 of the market is still available for those outside of the top ten and really once you get past the Galaxy Note, they are all tiny percentages of the total that could shift greatly in a month.

    • Tim Gee

      I understand what you’re saying but still… to have produced 8 of the top 10 devices is pretty astounding