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Inverted Black Apps: Twitter, Gmail and Google Play Store Updated

You’ve got to know by now that I favor the Inverted Black Apps for my Android phones. If you don’t, you need to start following me on Google+.

One of my favorite app developers by the name of Rujelus22 recently released the updated inverted black versions of Gmail 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and Gmail 4.0.5 (ICS), as well as Twitter and the latest Google Play Store.

Not only do black apps look amazing on AMOLED Android screens normally found on all Galaxy branded phones, they also save that little extra battery for you at the end of the day.

With a complete collection of black apps combine together, it allows you to turn your brightness pretty low while maintaining good visibility. White letters on a black background just pops right off the screen.

Did I mention it makes you instantly awesome too?

(Caution, previous comment may not actually happen. Users may experience life changing humiliation on which is no fault of Android in Canada).

So If you’re on the same page as me and agree that black apps is the way to go, you can find the link to Rujelus22‘s website here.

Note: System files such as: Google Talk, Gmail, Google Play Store, YouTube, (Google+ Only for ICS) will require Root Access because they are naturally integrated in to your OS. Others such as Twitter, Google+, Keyboards, Google Docs can install without any modifications.

Note For Root Users: If you plan on flashing some of these system modified files such as Google Talk and Gmail, It’s highly recommended that you make backups before doing so. Theoretically they are completely safe, but some customs roms as we all know reject mods sometimes. Of course, this would be one of those Flash at your own risk situations.

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