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HTC customers most ‘satisfied’ (of Android users)? [what does our poll say?]

According to JD Powers, of the 7000 asked, HTC came out highest in terms of the most ‘satisfied’ with their phone (among Android… Apple took 1st place, but HTC was 2nd).

Full report:

Not bad, Apple has only 1 product per year to work with, where as HTC, Samsung, Motorola & LG (the next 3 in the group) put out almost a dozen a year.

In our study…

…which is only assessing satisfaction with the carriers, they’re ranking at 6.28/10; where as the average is 6.15/10.  So maybe because they are happier with their phones, they’re naturally happier with the carrier?  But this is still preliminary results.

What do you think?

Full results for the “Canadian Carrier Satisfaction Survey” will be tallied up and dissected as necessary as soon as it’s fully complete.  Almost at the 500 mark.  Would really REALLY love to see a lot of responses on this.  Please share!

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  • Anonymous

    HTC makes quality phones. 

    I’ve had very few complaints about the G1, Desire, or Sensation.  My friend had few complaints about his Touch Pro, but had many complaints about his Motorola OG Droid.

    LG… well if you’ve ever held one you wouldn’t be surprised about that low satisfaction

    and Samsung – well it’s cheap, but it’s fast and innovative

    HTC and Samsung are the leaders, but they don’t compete in the same space.  HTC lovers love the design, quality, and experience.  Samsung lovers love the multitude of sizes, speed, and thin-ness.