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Here’s A Look At Android N’s Hidden “Freeform Window” Mode


Android N has had a very good start as compared to Android L and M in terms of features and usability. While most of you know that Android N officially brought support for multi-window apps, Google has added a hidden feature that allows multitasking to be even easier and that is “Freeform Window” mode.

Similar to what you find on your average desktop OS, you can now open and reorganize floating apps just like how you would on desktop. You can even go as far as to resize the app and “snap” it to the left or right hand side of the screen. Ars Technica has conveniently produced a video showing everything it the mode can do in its current state.

For those that are running Android N, this feature can only be enabled if you have already unlocked your bootloader and have installed TWRP. Full instructions are provided in the source link below.

[Ars Technica]

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