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Google’s Sneaky Gift, Foursquare Competitor

Google updated their Google maps not long ago. They listed some general bug fixes like they normally do, but really didn’t go in to a whole lot of details about it. Turns out Google implemented a cool little feature for our enjoyment. Google Latitude check-ins will now earn you points. I for one have never really followed the whole “I’m at pizza hut, just wanted you all to know” kinda deal, but hey if that’s what you’re in to, rock on!

Included in this point system is obviously a leader board, so you can compete with your friends and prove to your wife that YES I really am going to subway and not that greasy burger joint down the road.

Things however seem to be a bit tricky right now. Many users can’t access the service yet, and others have to check in before even realizing it is there. We are not used to checking-in via Latitude, tut it’s likely that Google is setting things up for a better check-in experience. If you got the time, why not give it a try right?


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  • Sydney Troz

    Cool, but until Latitude check-ins and Google+ check-ins are the same thing, not going to be relevant for me.