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Google Will Focus On RAM and Battery Life Usage With Android “M”


Even though Google said Android 5.0 Lollipop was supposed to increase battery life, a significant amount of phones suffered once they got updated to it. Android 5.1 was intended on fixing some of those issues, including the dreaded memory leak but it just wasn’t enough. Now they have another shot with the company’s upcoming mobile operating system, codenamed Android M.

Android Police has received word from a source that Google has been working on improving the battery and RAM usage in Android M even more compared to Lollipop. Project Volta was implemented in Lollipop and it helped the OS to conserve as much battery it could, but obviously that wasn’t enough as some of the improvements were intended for app developers to take advantage of instead and not Android (…looking at you Google Play Services!).

Other details about the upcoming release is scarce but more should be coming as we get closer to Google I/O.

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