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Google Search Options Now Available for Android

Looks like the Google Mobile team is at it again with some updates. This time around, they have introduced some tools called Search Options, and Android users get to be part of the action. Just what exactly is the purpose of Search Options?

According to Google:

Finding the exact information you need sometimes requires filtering and refining your search results. Earlier in the year, we launched a collection of tools called Search Options which enable you to easily and quickly do this from a computer. Today in the US, we are making Search Options available on Android/iPhone/Palm WebOS devices so that you can slice and dice your mobile search results as well.

So this means when you’re searching for that special banana bread recipe, you’ll be able to filter your results and refine them by seeing what people have been searching for in days and weeks previous. You’ll also be able to filter by forums and reviews. You just gotta love it when Google makes browsing the web just that much easier on your Android phone!

Check out some screenshots below:

Also, something worth checking out for those on Android 1.6–Android Quick Search Box:

PS – Happy Thanksgiving everyone and–thanks for reading our blog! Hope you are enjoying your food comas and the long weekend! 🙂

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