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Google Search for Mobile Updated With Movie Listings

Google has updated their movie search for Google Search for Mobile. The update makes finding a movie and movie times much faster by searching for “movies” in your search field. Users can also search directly by theatre name.

After searching for “movies”, users tap on the “Use Location” link and then tap on the “more movies” link. From here users can browse for their favorite theatres which are shown via GPS. This does mean that your Android device will either need a data plan or a WiFi connection.

Each theatre also has movie times listed, a link for available Google maps and to get additional movie information, users may tap on the movie itself.

Google has also integrated the ability to watch the movie trailer right from your device with available YouTube links.

Our new movie listings page now includes buttons to play trailers right on your phone, ratings and categories, movie posters, upcoming showtimes, and a concise list of the nearest theaters and their distances from you. We keep information on this page succinct so you can quickly browse through shows and showtimes to help you decide which movie to see. If you want more details about a specific movie, just touch the poster or movie title and you’ll see our new movie details page that has a synopsis of the movie, a more detailed list of showtimes, the cast and crew, and pictures.

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