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Google Pixel 2 Will Reportedly Come with Waterproofing

Google’s Pixel phones have been fully embraced by the Android community. Today, if you want to order a Pixel you need to be prepared to wait, as Pixels are in extremely high demand. For example, it’s quite hard to get a hold of a 128GB Pixel XL, as the device is marked as “Out of Stock” in the Google Store.

Anyway, while Google and HTC are trying to appease customers’ thirst for the Pixels, a new rumour related to the next-gen Pixel has surfaced this week.

9to5Google’s Stephan Hall tweeted something quite interesting. According to him, future Pixels will definitely have waterproofing.

He goes on to explain that the exclusion of waterproofing from current models involved a mélange of time constraint and an “internal conflict between hardware (namely the camera) and/or waterproofing vs. price point.

While we’re still quite far away from the Pixel 2 being unveil, it’s nice to consider the possibilities. If you ask us, we’d like to see a next-gen Pixel arrive with an improved speaker (interestingly enough HTC’s BoomSound wasn’t part of the deal) and a more futuristic edge-to-edge display.

Surely lots of Android fans out there would love to see a cheaper Pixel this year, but as more features get added (like waterproofing) it’s likely the pricing will increase.