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Google Is Now Providing Nexus OTAs Alongside Factory Images, May 2016 Security Update Now Available

Samsung Marshmallow - 1

Don’t you just hate it when Google releases a new Android update and you still have to wait days, if not weeks for it to pop up on your Nexus device?

Well now it looks like Google will officially provide links to download the OTA update itself alongside providing factory images for the same update. I still vividly remember the days when I had to wait for someone to figure out the URL for the update but now that this is no longer necessary, it should help those willing to install it manually but without having it wipe phone data.

Note that to install the update, you will still need to do it through adb sideload on your computer. Factory images and OTA images for the May 2016 security release are available in the source link below.

[Google Developers]

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