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Google Maps Now Lets You Create/Share Lists of Your Favourite Places

Google Maps is trying to be more social. After last week’s update – which added the ability to receive real-time traffic info and find nearby restaurants quickly – a new one arrived today.

Found a new fusion restaurant you’re dying to take friends and family to? Give them a quick preview by sharing the location of your favourite hot spots in the city.

The app now lets you save locations to lists (pre-defined or make your own), for example: best places to eat in town, best spots for fishing, best dance clubs and even 100 places to see before you die. Users aren’t limited to the places shown on the map and can add their own interest points by dropping a pin.

Saved lists are available in the side menu, under the Your Places section. Once you open a list you will be able to share it with anyone you watch via social media or messaging apps. Note, you can make your lists public so everyone can benefit from your wisdom.

Google Maps have been receiving a fair share of updates in the last few months. Recently the app also added the ability to call an Uber of Lyft ride or tell you whether you’ll be able to find a parking spot in a particular neighborhood. The latest update is rolling out for both Android and iOS users.