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Preorder Now! Google Announces Pixel and Pixel XL


It’s official folks, the Nexus is officially dead as Google has now unveiled their latest Pixel smartphone lineup.

First off, Google is pushing the idea that this is a premium phone with premium specs for a premium price. How much price you ask? Well the pricing structure for Canada is as follows:

Pixel 32GB $899
Pixel 128GB $1,029
Pixel XL 32GB $1,049
Pixel XL 128GB $1,179

Yep, say goodbye to Nexus pricing as this product will complete with players like the iPhone and Galaxy S/Note.

The 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL are now up for preorder in Canada and Bell, TELUS and Rogers are expected to carry the phones as well. The phone will be released on October 20th on Rogers but for those ordering online, it will be delivered sometime between 2 to 3 weeks.

Check out the source link below for more info!

[Google Store]

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