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Gmail App having issues, Are You Experiencing It?

I have heard a lot of reports the last two days of the Gmail app causing people some heartache. It appears the most common problem reported is flickering of the screen when scrolling, and troubles getting to the inbox. I personally have not experienced this issue, but there’s enough people complaining about it to be ignored.

Google confirms and acknowledges the issues and says a fix is on the way. GooglerBrittanyBee explains thusly in the Google Product Forums:

Beginning this morning, we’ve received reports of a bug causing some Gmail users on Android to experience screen flickering when they open the app.  We are in the process of fixing it and the issue should be resolved shortly.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Clearly they are not wasting any time tackling this issue. I’m very pleased to see them acting as fast as they are.

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  • Cody

    on my phone its says my main account that i use is there but when i go into the app and select the account’s button only my secondary account is there…..this is really pissing me off i swear if i didnt have so many things linked to my google account i would just get rid of it

  • Lyrsin

    I am seeing issues with this too. I also see one where I will click on an email notification, Gmail will open, but just stay on a blank screen. Then I press back to close and I get a flash of the inbox as the app closes. I am on a leaked ICS rom from samsung for my SGS II so I wasn’t sure whether to point at it or Google. Glad to see it might be a known issue, and will be fixed. It didn’t always do it on this rom so something must have changed.

  • Patrick Barnett

    Issue continues – no changes or patches from Gmail team as of yet.  AT&T – Infuse 4G – USA – Android 2.2.1

  • Knightfire

    Having big issues syncing calendar 🙁  Haven’t noticed gMail issues with ICS 4.0.3.